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Designers - Steven Lin Yi Ming

  • Graduated from Taipei University - Construction Engineering
  • Masters in Interior Design - Denmark
  • APEX EMBA - National University of Singapore
  • 20 Years experience in Interior Design
  • Specialise in production & analysis of spatial function
  • Chief Executive Officer, Da Zhen Interior Design Co. (formerly Yang Ming Design Group A)

Creating a beautiful and comfortable living space for enjoyment is the basic desire of those seeking the services of interior design. Yet, most people have differing views and needs on beauty and function.

Mr Steven Lin takes into strong consideration, each and every client's requirements, and believes in effective communication with his clients and personally sees to all works, thus allowing his clients to achieve the dream home easily; he is one that puts a personal touch into functions of the living space.

From the past 20 years of engaging in interior design, Steven has acquired immense practical experiences. His refined and exquisite works and quality finishings have earned praises from co-workers and clients alike.

Through close interaction with his clients, Steven has managed to break away from the stale "one-size-fits-all" and conventional designs, to create harmonious works of art that satisfy each and every one of his clients.

Steven believes design should not purely be based on forms and shapes, but rather, it should provide greater quality in living and improve living standards, all whilst maintaining the balance among the spaces, functions and achieving harmony overall.

His personal style is a collaboration of traditional and modern designs that depict exquisite elegance, creating endless enjoyment within the constrained space of an interior environment.