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Company Overview

Da Zhen Interior Design Co. (formerly Yang Ming Design Group A) was established in early 1993 and made its mark by providing interior design services for residential units, commercial offices, financial institutions, hotels, boutique retail establishments, shopping complexes and medical institutions, etc.

Having offices both in Taipei and Shanghai, we are able to service clients from Taiwan and China.

We have years of experience in the interior design field, especially in areas of space planning and configuration, styling, design conceptualisation and materials quality control.

Our team of interior designers have years of experience in the field of design works and are from world-renowned Universities such as Cambridge University, University of London and Taipei University.

With regards to space planning, styling, design conceptualization, quality of works, we have adopted an all-rounded approach.

Our designers approach each and every project with great dedication and constantly seek to innovate and better ourselves by arriving at newer designs and better quality for our clients, ensuring their satisfaction is always met.

Please proceed to photo gallery or portfolio of past works for more information on our past design works.

Our vision are as follows;

  • Most dedicated approach
  • Most professional service
  • Most in-depth analysis of our clients' needs
  • Most innovative and creative designs
  • Most reasonable pricing
  • Most all-rounded designs
  • Best quality materials
  • Best after-sales service

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